Our website offers financial education online. Credit Recovery Club, LLC is committed to providing actionable and useful information and to educate you about how you can improve your credit and understand the credit scoring system. All of this information is in the public domain. The value we provide is the testing and experience we have in our years of assisting those who have filed bankruptcy to rebuild credit. Membership in the Credit Recovery Club, and use of this Website is offered to you, the “User,” conditioned on your acceptance without modification, of the terms, conditions, and notices contained in this agreement.

Membership in the club, and your use of this Web site constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices herein.

Credit Recovery Club, LLC intends that the information contained in this Web site be accurate and reliable, and reserves the right to modify or make changes and improvements to the information at any time. We are not a law firm and do not offer any legal, tax or financial advice. We are not a credit repair company – we do not provide credit repair services. We are an Internet portal offering information, education and third party products.

All content is believed to be accurate when posted. All information contained herein and provide by the club represents the opinion of the owner, but you should always use your judgement when dealing with your credit issues.

You agree that we offer no personal legal or financial advice and offer no warranties of your actions based on what you may read and do with that information. Our site is for informational purposes.

By viewing our member site you agree that we offer no warranties of how you may use the information or the educational material nor do we offer any legal, tax or financial advice to any visitors of this site. The Member site offers only education and articles. No credit repair is provided for anyone. We reserve the right to withdraw username and passwords or block your IP address on individuals who may abuse the membership or try to gain access after a refund has occurred.

You may not redistribute our material anywhere else or reproduce the material for any purpose without the written consent of the Club. Our service is offered to you, the consumer. Since we have no way of knowing if a consumer or business is purchasing our educational material, you agree to these terms by entering the member area after purchase. You may not share your membership with others. Anyone who is thought to be sharing their password and username with others will be subject to being banned from the member area.

Membership FAQ

Membership in the club entitles you to access one lesson per month. Failure to pay the monthly membership fee will result in termination of your access until all fees due are paid.


We never share your information. Any communication you receive from us will be from Credit Recovery Club, LLC only.

Trademarks, Servicemarks Etc

If, in the course of providing information to you, we discover a service mark phrase has been used, we will promptly remove it upon notification from the service mark owner. We try to avoid this but, because common financial phrases have been known to be service marked, this may happen unintentionally.

Disclosure: We have financial relationships with some companies mentioned on this site and may be compensated should you purchase a service through one of our links. This compensation helps to keep our website funded. We have affiliate relationships with credit card grantors on www.creditcardsrebuildcredit.com for which the owner of the Club does receive a monetary payment.

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